Our Services include :

Adult, Children and Adolescent Medication Management 

Yvonne DeCory, MD
Kristin Mikkelsen, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

        Neuropsychological Evaluations

Dr. James Harrison Ph.D


Outpatient Counseling

The individual will be able to explore and learn coping strategies allowing for personal insight and personal effectiveness in life.  Professional assessment, counseling, and therapeutic services will promote positive orientation, relief of excess stress, and growth toward more independent levels of functioning.

Types of counseling:  


Supportive Counseling

Dialectical Behavior Treatment DBT

Assault And Trauma Recovery

Sexually Reactive Treatment

Problematic Sexualized Behaviors [PSB]

Harm Reduction

Family Counseling – Family therapy is a collaborative process of family in order to build better communication and help a family overcome life challenges.

Group Therapy – Groups are created with both the age and developmental levels of its membership in mind. The Group can either add an individual to an existing group or create new groups to meet a given need.


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